Empath or faker?

I believe there are empaths. I believe some of us can feel more then others. I believe there are psychics. Does it mean that I believe every psychic who claims they are psychic are? No, I don’t. I believe some exist, who truly want to help others and I believe we have the fakers out there doing it just for the money but its their journey. Who are we to judge that?

Do we all have psychic abilities? Yes. We do. Some are able to access it easier then others. Does it make them better then you? Absolutely not. If any empath, psychic is walking around acting more superior or believes they are more superior, question that, because that sounds very superficial.

I get it…the word “empath” has gotten a lot more attention over the past few years but maybe its a good thing. Some of us are finally understanding more about ourselves. I have always felt different. Not always able to relate to others. Did I have childhood trauma? No. I didn’t. If you have read my first post, I mentioned that I am a cancer and the moon rules my emotions. I actually had an amazing birth chart done recently. Stephanie Cotton. Google that girl. It was amazing.

All in all, do I need a label? No, I don’t. Has it helped me understand myself a little more? Yes, it has and it is creating awareness. Bottom line, I know that I am a sensitive being trying to make a difference in this world. That I do know and it will be done without judgement on my part. My journey is mine and your journey is yours. Be true to yourself. Don’t let others dim your light. There will always be skeptics, non-believers out there and again, it’s ok. Walk your walk and put trust in yourself. This is your life experience and I hope it is a good one.

Thanks for reading. Xo

4 thoughts on “Empath or faker?

  1. Wow!!! Love it, and I to, can relate! I never even knew there was a word for how I felt, until a friend of mine told me she thought I was an Empath?! It’s interesting, on how you mentioned the moon has an affect on you because I to have noticed a full moon will affect me greatly! In my opinion, there’s so many things out there that we don’t understand and maybe not meant to at this time, Here on Earth, it’s just a stepping stone into what’s next, real and so much better. Live, thrive and be the very best genuine self you can be! Love and be Loved!!!!!!!!


    1. Exactly! Healers are popping out everywhere since we so need that in this world. Kinda think of myself as the new aged hippie. Hahaha ✌️


  2. Most real empaths will never tell you they are empathic. Being an empath it painful, exhausting, and lonely. It is an amazing gift with a huge curse attached. We do exist, but it is not something I would wish apon anyone. Ever.

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