Empaths & ADD/ADHD, OCD and other mental disorders

It’s actually quite funny, an empath, ending up working for psychologists. Being in that building and feeling all the patients coming in ranging in all different psychological disorders. This is where I started really feeling my empathic side and if you read my first post, I literally felt like I was losing my shit.

I do admin work and help patients all day. Now working at home is a lot better then having to enter a building everyday where hundreds of patients come in daily, I still have to remember to sage and ground myself because I still go through 40+ patient charts daily. The most common issue I see is ADD/ADHD. The youngest patients I have seen are 5 ranging up to 70’s.

For me, Ive struggled with ADD my whole life and OCD. Although my OCD isn’t as bad as others may have. My brain never stops. I especially find it hard to turn off at night time. I am constantly analyzing, overthinking, playing out scenarios, you name it. My brain definitely talks more then I talk out loud. I’m a quite the introvert. I do take medication daily to help my focus and slow my brain down. I’m not sure if this dulls my senses or not. I am still learning about my abilities and myself.

Do you suffer from any disorders? How do you cope? Now I am no doctor, so many young children being diagnosed with certain disorders like bi-polar. I cant help to wonder…are they just sensitive beings? Being an emotional cancer (shout out to my July birthday’s), Ive always felt like an off and on switch. Experiencing many highs and many lows, some could say possible bipolar but looking back just feeling many different people around me. Mental health is no joke. Raising two amazing boys, 13 & 9, I am teaching them its ok to talk about feelings, emotions and that its ok to cry. We don’t always have to be strong. We can fall apart but only if we communicate. I never want them to fall apart in silence like I have for so many years. My children definitely share in my empath abilities. My oldest is a Sagittarius, he is so amazing. He is a leader, he has amazing talent like writing and drawing. He is beyond smart and an old soul. He is taking interest in the environment and talking about ways to help it. I hope to help him with going forward in making plans and effort in this because I feel the same way. My youngest, a Gemini, is so gentle and loving. He definitely soaks up others energies more so then my oldest. Although they both tend to get quiet while around others at time. My oldest is usually quite the chatter box. LOL. They both love animals very much like I do. My youngest also has talent of writing and drawing but doesn’t see it through very often. He is quite the athlete. He excels at basketball. If you are a parent with school age children, you probably know about Fortnite. This video game drives me nuts at times. He plays this game and screams at times when he loses. It seems to get to him or maybe that’s how most kids are with this game? I have to let him play in small doses. My oldest doesn’t seem to care for the violent games but he loves scary movies. The are polar opposites and both very special. I am beyond lucky to raise such amazing kiddos.

I think that’s all for now. Rambling over. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Empaths & ADD/ADHD, OCD and other mental disorders

  1. Have you checked your mineral levels?
    A shortage of essential minerals – there are 12 in “Mineral Replacement Therapy”, none of which have side effects. These minerals, are checked on via blood tests, by medical Doctors ; the tests, are not overly accurate, in the testing for, potassiums, sodiums, sulphates, calciums, iron. On pathology reports/order requests, you will see the chemical symbols, Mg, K, Fe, Na, etc.
    A shortage of any of the essential minerals, in one who is ‘unwell’, brings about symptoms of disease(s).
    The “Mineral Replacement Therapy,” also goes by the title of “Tissue Salts = Homeopathic, or, as, ” Celloids”.
    Most should be available via a Natural Health Store, though they may not carry the range as a ready to go/use item.
    Check out, Blackmores Ltd @ http://www.boiceuticals.com.au/proffessional celloids
    The phone numbers I have are for NZ, or Australian clients.
    The company – “Blackmores ” – has a free-phone 1300251543 (Australia), or, 0800104401 New Zealand.
    You may find that, you are short of thses minerals, and require more than most folks, who keep good health.


    1. Hey – thanks for reading and the info! I have not had my mineral levels checked but I do take a ton of vitamins along with minerals daily. I am interested to have them checked.


      1. Your GP – general practioner -, is able to arrange for the tests.
        Ensure, you get to see the results, as this, should act as a base line, from which to measure.
        I’ve used MRT, off & on, for a number of years – more on than off, in recent times, to help alleviate issues arising from reactions to prescription drugs.
        The info, you are welcome to, & your article, was noted as reasonable to respond to.
        I’ve used the MRT, with freinds and neighbours, who all showed a marked improvement in their conditions, much to the angst of their medical doctors.
        I, whish you well in your endeavours, & in finding the minerals via a retailer ; the ones I use, are accessed via helpful staff, in the local Homeopathic Dispensing Pharmacy & prior to their help, thru a qualified Naturopath.
        The usual dose rate for the minerals, is 3 tablets daily, though I’m now doing one tab daily, for ‘maintainence’, and to avoid my GP’s, products.
        A lesson has been taught to my GP, who was a bit sceptical, about my use of Cam’s – complimentary alternative medicines ; this includes the newer vibrational remedys, from The Bach Flower Essences – Rescue Remedy, is the best known of the remedys & is a blend of 4 individual remedys – upto 6 of these can be put together without any issues.
        Other Flower Essence, producers, are – First Light Flower Essences, (nz) ; plus sets from Australia & South Africa. None of these have side effects, all, are effective, and help primarily with various states of mind.
        All 3 company’s mentioned – Blackmores, Bach Flowers, First Light, are on Facebook, plus there is an app, for the Bach Flowers – it’s logo, is like a piece of paisley design. The others, I’m unable to assist further with Becky.
        Best of luck, should you decide to try the CAM’s.


      2. I really appreciate your time and info. I was hoping to come across knowledgeable people like yourself! I do love the idea of putting more natural things into my sensitive body as my body doesn’t always respond well to prescription medications. I will keep you posted on this. Thanks again!!


      3. You are welcome, and it’s my pleasure to provide assistance, where needed ( & wanted).
        I will post, regarding the minerals, as I originally started with these as Homeopathic potencies of 3x & 6 x, then recently the professional strengths, which are denoted as ‘M’, for potency, otherwise 30c, is the usual strength most folks use.
        The 3 & 6x, got my vessel, almost decontaminated, in 4 years, working from a small hand book, which you will find helpful, with mineral replacement therapy, called “How to get well and keep fit with biochemical tissue salts” – also known by, “The Biochemic Handbook”. I’ve used this book, for over 4 decades – my copy is the revised 1976 version, it’s been in print since 1920.
        The flower essence company’s mentioned, have a Facebook pages – that may have been mentioned earlier Becky. Sorry if you got a repeat.

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  2. A fellow Empath. Thank you for finding my site. <3. It can be a lonely place when you try to explain to normal's what you feel. I too know people that have 'mental disorders', they seem to flock to us. Seems to me it can be a very fine line sometimes.
    Love your work

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