Your secret isn’t mine to hold onto anymore…

You know when you find out someone else’s secret but you feel so incredibly helpless to know that persons secret, so you just keep it to yourself? Does that hit home for anyone else or is it just me? I’ve kept this burden for years. It has caused me a great deal of stress.

Welp, I just released this pain today. I told this person that I know of the secret and it caused me guilt in knowing and stress. Empaths need emotional freedom. We tire easily from other peoples shit! Why do we do that to ourselves? We are not a doormat. Yes we love hard and occasionally feel like a punching bag but it is important to release all emotional baggage, especially if you have been holding on to it for so long. Will I feel better now that I told this person? I hope so. I still feel guilty but maybe because I held onto it for so long and just did not want to cause heartache. I am a peace keeper. I hate confrontation. I hate seeing pain in others and only want to promote happiness. I need to realize that this is not always going to happen. We need to step out of our comfort zones in order to grow. Sometimes, as much as it hurts, we have to cause a little rain so the flowers may grow.

Thanks for reading. xo

2 thoughts on “Your secret isn’t mine to hold onto anymore…

  1. Sooo many secrets. Who secretly hates who even though they smile and greet them. Who is jealous whenever they see someone more beautiful, or with more money.. who lives in fear.. who is in love with anothers wife….. you have to choose what secrets to tell and which to hide away. Where I to let go and tell all the secrets I would be hated and reviled for speaking the truth. Relationships ruined.. jealous frends fighting.. angry men beating their wives becous they think the wife must have told me.. because how else would I know? No… I will keep their secrets. They are not mine to tell. All secrets but one. When I am deeply loved I will tell them I know.

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