Your “roots”

Lets talk on family for a bit. A little on how you were raised. I am thinking this is sort of a pattern for us empaths.

I grew up in a suburban home with my sister, both my parents and always a fuzzy (dog) friend. My dad worked, a lot. He was on shift work and would be sleeping at different hours all the time. My mom, stayed at home with my sister and I until we became more functional and she went back to work when we were teens.

My dad and I have always butt heads. We are both Cancers, although, he never seemed to get the emotional side of the crabby crab, just the moodiness. Some days you never knew what you would get. For my sister and I, sometimes we had to walk on egg shells. My dad hated his job and it was probably because he had to work constantly. He had a family to support so I know he felt that pressure. He was not around a lot but for me, I felt like we never really got to have have a connection. Do I love my father? Absolutely. He has helped me out in so many ways and I am so grateful. Did he ever take interest in me? Not so much and its ok, it was how he was raised as well. My grandparents, his parents, who are now deceased, never took a big role in my life or my sisters. When my sister was born they moved away. We didn’t see them much. As I got older and had my first child, that is when my grandmother took more of an interest in me. When I asked her about this, she told me it was because we didn’t have much in common. That hurt but I have since forgave but hard to forget.

My mom, a quiet Gemini, lost her whole family when I was young. Her mom, who was first battled with Alzheimer’s. This was very hard on my mom. Her brother, shortly after, who suffered years of issues with diabetes passed away. Finally, her father, although I am not certain, I believe he had cancer. He had moved into our home very briefly when he was ill. This all happen in maybe a 3 year span. I can’t imagine how hard this was on my mom. She didn’t cope well. She kept herself busy with housework never giving us any inkling that she was sad. Never did she talk about her feelings or emotions she was going through. She never led us to believe she was hurting. I was around 8 and my sister 10.

Both my parents, who I love dearly, never talked feelings, emotions, life situations. Did it teach me to be strong and handle whatever comes my way? You would think it did but absolutely did not. I wonder if I am extra sensitive and extra emotional because of it. Did god put me with these two people to teach them how to be more in touch with emotions and feeling? Perhaps but at almost 40 years old thing are still the same.

I had mentioned in another entry that we are transferring to another location. My parents, who currently live a mile away, have not been the best support. Both of them really have not talked about it. I finally broke down to my mom the other day to let her know I feel emotionally unsupported. They have not asked how I am doing with this all or have asked very little detail on the big change that will be coming. Instead, they pretend everything is ok, to put on a happy face and just not talk about it. My mom, who of course is so very upset that we are leaving, is very unhappy about it. She doesn’t know how to process this or handle this. What she knows is, pretend its ok and not talk about it. I hope after our talk, she will be more open with me. I don’t want to feel alone in this. I need to feel the emotional support from my family. My sister has been somewhat supportive but is equally unhappy.

My question is….Empaths, did you grow up in a similar household? Did you have emotional support surrounding you?

Thanks for reading the rambles. Much love. xo

One thought on “Your “roots”

  1. Hi Becky, I’ve just read your post – it sounds so familiar. I suspect that your parents, like mine, had/have PTSD, and don’t know it. This would have been brought about by their own life experiences, prior to your, and your sisters arrival. Your parents may well have had experiences during the ‘war years’ – 2nd world war, with extra from their parents experiences, in WW1 & the Depression. My parents were ‘aloof’, with myself – their middle child – the other siblings, didn’t pass the second trimester, unfortunately. Both of my parents have passed to Spirit, over 20 years back, and never realy understood me, though I was very close to Mum. Mum realised early on, that things happen, around myself – Dad, took somewhat longer, & misused at least one of the attributes, that showed through. Friends have come & gone ( some still live, others passed to Spirit), and many, were present when ‘things’ happened, or, they benefited from my actions, not realy willing, still, to believe what’s been witnessed, with Animal & my vessel. If you’re finding that your parents are a bit disturbed, I would suggest that a dose or two of “Rescue Remedy”. It’s good for helping clear blockages, and much more -; Labour, Morning Sickness, Teething, post Surgical recovery, times of distress & die-cast, Travel/motion Sickness. Method ; from the “Mother Tincture”, add 6 drops to a half tumbler of water. Hold the first mouthful in the mouth – it absorbs faster via the blood vessels under the tongue for 10 – 15 seconds, then swallow. The Benifits are fast, and nebulous/fleeting – most folk sense something ‘falling off, or, being cleaner’. It has No Known Side-effects. The mother tincture, has a shelf life of 5 years – store in fridge. Rescue Remedy, is a combination of 4 of the “Bach Flower Essences” – there should be an app in the store for All of the remedys – 52 in all – these may be mixed as needed, & are specific to the individual. The blends, are often in 50mil bottles, and can be dispensed into a similar sized bottle, with half, distilled/boiled water, & half Brandy, which acts as a preservative. Good for All Ages, Plants & Pets. Arhoha-a-nui David


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