Oh, hello spirit!

Its been a while since I wrote. This past year has had some ups and downs and I am starting to focus to get back on track with everything. The move has caused a lot of stress. I was a MESS! I was losing my hair and managed to put on 25 pds, good times. I have managed to lose 7 pds so far and I am putting the focus back into myself. It is slowly getting better although I am incredibly lonely. I miss friends and especially family.

So how is 2020 treating you so far?

So my title, hello spirit. This past week, spirit has been whispering into my ear. A lot! More then the past few months and I suppose its because I am working on myself again. Anyway, when spirit decides to chat at it me, it happens during the in between state when you are not quite asleep but about to fall into that sleep state. I’ve heard my name 3 times. The first time it was my full name, Becky! The second time I actually woke up hearing the end of my name ky! The third time I hear, Becky can you… (and that was it). I also heard, Mom! Spirit has really been trying to get my attention. My intuition & spirit usually connect to me by signs, numbers, animals. Sometimes I will just get a thought that pops in my head for no reason. How do you connect?

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